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Pineapple Town Market is your online marketplace stocked with products inspired by our Japanese heritage and our family roots in Wahiawa, a quaint town in central Oahu where there was once a thriving pineapple plantation in the early 1900s. Our products are a modern twist on generations-old family recipes that exemplify Hawaii culture, where plantation life and the blending of multiple ethnicities result in the unique local foods we enjoy today. Whether you live in the islands, have visited or never traveled here before, we are sure that you will savor the taste of Hawaii with each bite.


We make nostalgic and ono local Hawaii snacks that connect you to our island culture.


I am Jenna, the founder and owner of Pineapple Town Market. After more than four years of designing and sewing bikinis for my first business Miya Swim, spending my first two years of college in San Francisco, and working as a recipe developer and social media consultant for Hawaii-style restaurants in San Jose, I rediscovered my love for baking. While I was on the mainland, I reminisced about my childhood days — at my grandparents' home in Wahiawa munching on arare and other local snacks, and running into my house after playing outside to devour warm cookies freshly baked by my mom. Food represents cherished moments and stories that I want to share with you through Pineapple Town Market — and I hope these treats create fond memories for you and your family, too! 


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